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Our people

We know that the key to our success is our people. Although there are multiple departments across our business, we pride ourselves on operating as one team. Meet our dedicated and inspiring people below.

Customer Service

Putting customers first is at the heart of our ethos, whether that is taking care of our extensive and much-valued retailer network, or the homeowner that chooses a quality Stovax or Gazco product.

Our knowledgeable Customer Service team is committed to providing outstanding customer communications across all aspects of a product’s journey, from orders to technical questions, to delivery.

In addition to the normal flexi-time benefits, our customer service department also enjoy the option to participate in our summer/winter hours programme that can allow the team to take an additional three days off work during the summer months!

If you have a passion for providing first-class customer service, this could be the department for you.


Our Finance team are responsible for all aspects of finance across the business – from number crunching to financial reporting and management of our accounts.

They ensure our customers’ accounts are looked after, and help to manage our business with other regular reports, monitoring and advice.

One important task, of course, is making sure we are all paid month to month!


The Stovax Heating Group has a thriving range of products that grow in innovation year on year.

Our fun Marketing team take care of everything required to represent not only our Stovax, Gazco and Yeoman brands, but also those of our several distributed brands too.

They produce high-quality web and social media, arresting brochure photography, captivating video, eye-catching design and excellent editorial.

Creative energy and a thirst for knowledge are at the centre of this department’s focus, upholding the Group’s integrity through all communications, both online and off.


IT is used in every corner of our business and is central to the historic success and future growth goals. With hundreds of employees reliant on IT the team ensures that operations run smoothly and efficiently whilst at the same time planning on how the latest tools and technologies can keep us ahead of the competition.

Providing a secure and stable infrastructure for our office and field-based users, as well as our customers, IT allows our business to deliver high levels of sustainable customer service.

Design and Development

Our products sit at the very core of our business. The Design and Development department innovates, from conception of a product to detailed diagrams and 3D models.

They keep focused on driving up industry expectations, delivering unrivalled designs that boost Stovax & Gazco to be market-leaders.

With state-of-the-art development laboratories and facilities, and cutting-edge design software, this team is well equipped to create the best products imaginable!

Quality and Engineering

Our Quality and Production Engineering teams are key to the success of Stovax & Gazco. They realise designs from mere drawings, to real metal prototypes and final products, maintaining quality standards throughout various stages of the manufacturing process. They continuously look at ways of improving our product designs, keeping them cost effective yet retaining the highest product quality.


Our production team works efficiently and skilfully, passionate about keeping our well-oiled business moving smoothly. From our fast-paced assembly lines to our metal shop, this team is truly at the pinnacle of UK manufacturing, all supported by advanced machinery, equipment and software.


It is the Distribution team’s job to make sure our quality products are delivered to our customers on time. This department is incredibly varied, from managing stock and picking product, to driving forklift trucks or arranging deliveries – without all of which, we could not operate.


At the Stovax Heating Group, we acknowledge the importance of investing in our people. Our HR department are part of that investment, from recruitment to organising training to giving advice. A positive environment is key to productivity and success; our HR team work with the wider business to ensure our overarching goals are met through retaining and engaging our valued people.

Health and Safety

We are dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing and safety of our staff is always an utmost priority. Through continuous site monitoring, communication with our employees, and ongoing risk assessment, our Health & Safety team ensure that we operate in the most safe way we can, whilst taking care of all staff. Being ISO14001 accredited, our site surveys and risk assessments also consider our local environment to ensure we are significantly reducing the risk of us having a negative impact on our local communities. We work closely across all departments to identify areas where our environmental impact can be reduced, whether this is looking at our product life cycles or during the services we provide.


Fronting our business are our Sales people, who establish long-standing relationships with our valued retailer network that help our business bloom. Personable and charismatic, this team travels the UK and beyond, ensuring our retailers are looked after, appreciated, and always up to date with the latest product additions.


Our Purchasing team are pivotal in evaluating suppliers, negotiating contracts and keeping track of prices and delivery terms. They have a track record for building healthy relationships with our suppliers, and work alongside our Design and Development teams, driving forward product optimisation and innovations, including selection of quality materials.